innercontinental goes bye-bye

7 06 2010

derek beres and i started innercontinental several years ago to bridge our love of culture. we both eat music and listen to the wisdom of foods from around the world. there’s so much we love about human expressions and creations, and the ways in which we interact with the world around–and within us.

it’s a journey. and ours have taken us into new directions. for one, i am now living in los angeles while derek is still in new york. he continues to teach a million yoga classes each week. derek is also now making music. i suppose all those years of reviewing it and interviewing artists has rubbed off on him ( like thierry in ‘exit through the gift shop’).

my work too has transitioned (look for a website upgrade soon). after years of promoting natural food companies, i have begun writing and editing for actual money! it’s been a long time coming and i’m happy to have made the leap out of sales.

there are certain projects where derek and i will surely collaborate, but we’ve decide that innercontinental no longer needs to be the platform. you can follow derek at and i am building up the site with a lot more coming soon…..

thanks again for your readership. we love that these articles, essays and stories still bring comments.

see you in the future,