Genetic druGs Gets Contagious

19 08 2008

By Derek Beres

Four records and numerous singles into the mix, Berlin’s Genetic druGs drops what may be his most groove-oriented album to date. While he has always been intent on the unification of global cultures through sound-blasting the airwaves with the planet’s tunes on his Multi-Kulti radio show – the depths and range of craftsmanship displayed on Contagious is truly commendable.

The album cover says it all- the word “contagious” in eight languages, including the dead-but-revived slang of Sanskrit. He includes this script due to the participation of the Mantra Singers from Mangalore’s Tiger Temple, who provide an excellent vocal track on the drum’n’bassy “Lakshmi Mantra.” druGs hangs toward India a bit, featuring Oikyotaan and Katrick Das Baul on “Din Duniyaar Maalik,” which adds a hyper beat to the watery drums of the Baul tradition. The singing on that song, like most of the record, is excellent.

The India experience is complete on the Jew’s harp-led “The Radhakrishna Experience,” which features a high-pitched singer named Rani Chitrakar. The melody on this devotional track is perhaps the most meditative of the bunch; it is a tasteful, inspired song. The twangy resonance of the mouth harp is a great companion for the percussive rhythm and Chitrakar’s higher-toned voice; the resonating guitar effects halfway through give it a hallucinogenic vibe.

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One response

26 01 2009

Contagious is a great album! I just wish ‘global beats’ artists would get more coverage in the mainstream media. There are so many amazingly talented artisst who the wider public never gets to hear about.

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