Sound Against Flame: Out Now!

4 06 2008

Sound Against Flame is an insightful and inquisitive look inside two emerging cultural ideas gripping the modern American consciousness: yoga and atheism. While seemingly opposed in numerous contexts, author/yoga instructor Derek Beres uncovers a common foundation as startling as it is revelatory to practitioners of any, or no, faith.

Using the concept of neti-neti as a bedrock—the idea of “not this, not that” that is the foundation of yogic philosophy—Beres looks beyond the inherent duality proposed by many religious traditions to drive to core teachings. Knowing that belief is actually a lack of experience, and that once the individual has had an experience there is no need for belief, this thoughtful survey of modern consciousness and religion is a call to do away with abstract idealizing. Instead it offers an opportunity to turn toward what is real and accessible at this very moment.

Most importantly, Beres concludes with actual possibilities of progress toward a philosophy that contains and holds within it numerous others. Whereas many books stop at merely citing differences and complaining, Beres maintains a strong faith in human creativity and conviction. It is belief that needs to be eradicated and done away with, in a manner that will “bind” the emerging global culture we are in the midst of experiencing. Entertaining, highly readable and thought provoking, Sound Against Flame is the mythology of modernity.

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