Ain’t That a Trip: Our Water is Drugged

13 03 2008

By Derek Beres

Remember that scenario from the first in the series of Batman remakes, when a pre-Hillary Jack Nicholson nearly killed the population of Gotham by poisoning the water? And remember just a few years ago, when the U.S. government used the same trickery to make its citizens believe that those evil Muslims would kill us all by polluting our water with toxic chemicals? The irony of the situation is that we’ve been the Joker all the while–not to discredit our politicians, of course.

A CNN health report recently revealed the results of a five-month AP study regarding the levels of pharmaceuticals in our drinking water. They found 56 different drugs in the taps of roughly 41 million American homes. Granted, the quantities of each drug are far below medical dose, yet this does nothing to quiet the fact that they are in there in the first place, and that the long-term effects of this are not known.

Talk about the case for being what you eat: Drugs enter our body through our mouths, propelled by the minds that insist we need them. In some cases, we certainly do; in many others, they are superfluous. According to the article, there were 3.7 billion drug prescriptions written over the past five years, to coincide with the 3.3 billion non-prescription drug treatments. Put that into perspective. In a nation of 301 million people, there have been 7 billion drug treatments used in a half-decade. And this says nothing about the majority of antibiotics, which are used on livestock, and also travel the same path back to our streams, lakes and aquifers.

Read the full article on the Huffington Post.



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