100 More Ways to Go Green…For Really

30 01 2008

By Derek Beres

Have to give it up for Radar Magazine’s list of 100 Ways We’re Trying To Go Green. While it may not inspire the fundamentalists of the movement, it is enough to give us a laugh at the sometimes vehement approach to demanding environmentalism. Among my personal favorites:

– Definitely thinking about downloading some world music this weekend.

– When taking cabs, insisting that drivers turn off their headlights.

– Insisting that Baskin-Robbins workers wash and reuse our pink sample spoons.

– Buying a bunch of rain sticks from the hippie pagoda at the mall.

– Changing e-mail signature to include a photograph of a smiling penguin.

– Not paying bills online instead of not paying bills on paper.

– Same thing we’re doing about the war on terrorism: writing a very impassioned blog post.




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10 09 2008

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