Thinking Outside the Bag

24 01 2008

By Jill Ettinger

Whether or not you’re a fan of the big box organic supermarket, it’s hard to resist Whole Foods when they make announcements like this one: The 270-store chain will phase out the use of plastic grocery bags by Earth Day (April 22) 2008 at all locations, offering and educating consumers on the benefits of reusable bags.

Plastic garbage bags were invented in 1950 (by Canadian Harry Wasylyk), and the portable shopping version integrated into our culture over the next two decades. As our consumer habits accelerated, so did the ubiquity of the petroleum by-product plastic bags. It’s a remarkable contribution to the planet, and hopefully Whole Foods sets off a chain reaction.




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24 01 2008

Carrying cloth bags is an easy, principled thing we can all do.

In India, plastic bags are an even bigger environmental disaster, because so many people are in the habit of throwing their trash wherever they happen to be standing at the moment. So it’s pretty cool that a hot, young, Indian clothing designer has taken a fresh look at the cloth bag revolution by injecting high-fashion, ease-of-use, and distribution within the gift-economy.

The story of her project, called Small Steps, is utterly inspiring. Read about it here.

28 01 2008

Today we went shopping at Sunflower Market in Denver we like always brought our reusable bags in with us. When we checked out our cashier said we are having a contest and he’d like to trade us one of the new Sunflower bags for one of our old ones. That is a great marketing ploy and a great way to keep people using the non plastic bags!

20 06 2008
Raf Uzar

It’s great that they’re also trying to go green in Poland. 🙂

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