Evolution is Not a Belief

8 01 2008

By Derek Beres

In his article, What is it about Mormonism?, Noah Feldman gives a general summation of the history of Mormon belief and culture, one that began with a starry-eyed, gold-seeking “prophet,” turned into a rite of persecution in every state the growing movement traveled to, and has resulted in a financially prosperous, though little understood, business and religious venture. One point that is extremely relevant to the current election is brought up:

“Facing a traditional American anti-Catholicism, John F. Kennedy gave a speech during the 1960 presidential campaign declaring his private religion irrelevant to his qualifications for public office.”

This is a convenient bluff, but it fails to recognize one fundamental reality: your theology is going to dictate your perspective. Take, for example, the fact that Mike Huckabee does not “believe” in evolution. Thing is, evolution is not something to believe in. Paraphrasing Daniel Dennett, people fail to recognize that evolution is as certain as the fact that water is H2O. That babies are born as a result of two people having sex and the reality that when a virus enters your system, you will be sick, are not questions of belief. Why do then harass evolution in such a manner, when it is as basic as these other examples?

Of course Kennedy would make such a statement regarding religion – he was a politician! Beloved or not, there’s a reason why term “political maneuvering” is relevant to many situations. Mitt Romney’s speech, essentially attempting to appease a Mormon-defying or -uncertain crowd, was filled with the same excuses. If you are a Mormon, it is integral to your theology that you believe a man dug up gold tablets that stated that Jesus returned to earth, in Missouri in fact, a few centuries after his first visit), and will come again (very soon!) to Independence, Missouri, to lead the righteous against the wicked. Mind you, these gold tablets were inscribed in some form of Egyptian that Smith intuitively translated, as he did not initially know what they meant. Oh, and the tablets no longer exist, as he had to give him back to the angel Moroni for safe-keeping.

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