Jesus Stops in DC Before Heading To Missouri

7 12 2007


By Derek Beres

In the 1820’s an ancient gold tablet was unearthed from the clay in New York state by a man that has become one of the most popular saviors of modern religion: Joseph Smith. This supposed excavation rendered The Book of Mormon, a book which currently has over 100 million copies in print and is the beloved and true word of God according to its faithful. This “found” interpretation of biblical scripture has taken certain liberties, including the claim that Adam and Eve walking around the Garden of Eden is a historical fact (not surprising to any of the fundamentalist camps), but Smith takes it one step further. That step has proven fatal in the eyes of other Christian sects, who often think the Mormons are a bit off the mark. Nevertheless, this gold tablet revealed to Smith the exact location of the Garden: Independence, Missouri.

The Second Coming is coming, as it has for the past two thousand years, yet it will not be Israel that will be the beneficiaries of Jesus. It will be America, naturally, where Christ will rule over the entire Jackson County, Missouri, and lead the faithful in its final battle of righteousness. The even scarier aspect of all this nonsense is its actual manifestation, in theory if not reality, in the presidential bid by Mitt Romney.

In his Dec 6th speech, “Faith in America,” at the George Bush Presidential Library, Romney compared himself to JFK by insinuating for the public not to vote on the basis of his religion, but as being an American. He carefully phrased his words in the digestible manner accustomed to American rhetoric: “If I am fortunate to become your President, I will serve no one religion, no one group, no one cause, and no one interest. A President must serve only the common cause of the people of the United States.” Good enough, he knows he is already walking a tightrope with the Christian-dominated Republican voters. But now, here’s the rub.

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