14 11 2007


By Derek Beres

If Seal’s 1991 and 1994 albums, both with the same name – Seal – were very timely and, in some ways, even a bit forward-thinking, how is it that the man releases an album thirteen years later that sounds older than the others; older, as in completely, outrageously dated? Enter: System. It’s a shame. The man’s voice hasn’t aged; his vocals sound terrific. The synth bass lines, the techy synthesizers, the simplistic and crass drum beats; the music is a mess. In the late ’90s, when the ’70s was in full retro, I at least understood the return. There was something inherently soulful about funk, and for the most part disco was overlooked. A decade later, and not only do we have a reprise of anything Gloria Gaynor and beyond, but the ’80s new wave attacks us full force. Last winter, when happening upon Crobar, there was an onslaught of chaps a decade younger than me wearing full-on ’80s “fashion.” The entire scene confused me, which is probably indicative of cocaine’s recent resurgence. System would have done well at the venue; the cokeheads would have bounced merrily to the audacious melody of “Dumb.” Anywhere else, however, this system is crashing hard.




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15 12 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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