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5 11 2007

NBC Green

We found yesterday’s post from Joel Makower’s site so interesting and informative, we decided to cross-post and link. In a general summation, we agree with Joel in that it will be interesting to see how NBC’s Green Week plays out. Anytime large corporations infiltrate what is considered the “underground,” pessimism abounds. Regardless, this looks like a solid initiative, and can only add viability and reach to homes that, perhaps, are not attuned to environmental issues. How each show and what advertisers respond could be discussed case-by-case, but overall this looks like TV possibly worth watching…

This is “Green Week” at NBC Universal, a seven-day revelry of environment-themed content spread across the company’s various TV channels and other properties. The 150 hours of programming — integrated into everything from news and sports to soaps and entertainment — is certainly a first for a major media company.

What, really, is NBC doing? Is this a one-off stunt intended to “green up” its image before it returns to, as they say, regularly scheduled programming? Or is this something more substantive, more integrated, longer-term — a milestone in the greening of the mainstream media? (Disclosure: NBC Universal, like its parent company, General Electric, is a client of GreenOrder, with which I am affiliated.)

I’ve watched the process unfold, reviewed strategy documents, and talked to the company about its efforts. My only-slightly-biased conclusion: There’s more going on here than meets the eyeballs that NBC is trying to attract.

Read Joel’s full blog here.




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