Top Ten Things That Made Live Earth Awesome

8 07 2007

Al Gore

By Jill Ettinger

1. Earth united – 7 continents – 9 stages. That’s one hell of a performance. Seeing the whole planet share in an historic event is inspiring beyond words. The number quoted during the event was over two billion worldwide! Music has that power to unite, whether we completely understand what we’re there for or not. The roster of talent included everyone from Dave Mathews Band to Akon, Alicia Keys to Metallica, Joss Stone to Smashing Pumpkins. Perfomers shared messages of what it means to face the climate crisis – what solutions we have that are tangible right now. Many revealed their contributions as artists, like bio-diesel tour buses and charity organizations building LEED-certified homes for Katrina victims.

2.  It’s Easy Being Green – The boldly candid public service announcements ranging from Moby to Chris Rock touched on all the really simple ways to make a difference. Recycling and changing over to CFL (compact fluorescent light bulbs) the obvious and easy choices, but even touchier subjects, like vegetarianism, the black sheep of the environmental movement, got its proper credit. Facts like 50 million animals being farmed for human consumption produce over ten percent of the methane causing the greenhouse effect; also, by switching to one veg meal per week, we could save enough grain used to feed animals to feed more than 25 million people. Duh.

3. The Mermaid short film – All the films were incredibly creative, thoughtful and touching, but maybe it’s something in that little girl’s Australian accent that got me, or maybe it’s the thought of the Great Barrier Reef dying that put a tear in my eye. But damn. The message was loud and clear. All the videos can be seen here and are absolutely worth your time.

4. Duran Duran – Remember at Live Aid when Simon Le Bon’s voice cracked during “Wild Boys?” Being a thirteen-year-old girl at the time, I remember it like I was watching the Kennedy assassination. There before my ears and eyes was a pitchy Le Bon, defacing the new wave pop gods I had pledged my entire existence to. It’s a good thing they fell out of mainstream culture for the next twenty years.“Lay low like the Pope after another church scandal.” I’m sure that’s what Le Bon was thinking on that hot summer day in 1985. The painful memory resurfaced when they appeared on the Live Earth stage. I held my breath. I know Simon was terrified. (He didn’t sing that song, not surprisingly.) Not only was his voice completely on this time but the Fab five have finally, actually become a decent live band.  “Planet Earth” was a great performance, and a perfect fit for the theme of the day. Bollocks to all you nonbelievers!

5. Robert Redford and Sundance Channel’s coverage – Bobby really should think about throwing his hat into the Presidential election. Seriously. Everything Sundance does is so superbly perfect, it makes one wonder what this country would look like under a Redford administration. Probably a lot of fresh local fruit deliveries for everyone, educational film festivals in every city and posters of him smiling and winking, tastefully hanging in city buildings. He’s got that Sundance Kid swagger, and  could probably even tout a pistol all bandit-in-charge style and let’s be real, Hillary would totally vote for him.

6. The scientist/rocker dudes from Antarctica – Hell yeah! I’m pretty sure starting a rock band on a giant ice cube with only penguins for groupies is about as badass as it gets.

7.The Police with John Mayer and Kanye West – FINALLY! Some bold live music mash up that rocks. (Figures it was the very last song of the day.) While the cover of the Rolling Stones “Gimme Shelter” by Keith Urban and Alicia Keys was seriously smoking (that’s right, I said Keith Urban rocked it), it was just true to form. It’s a hot song, but give us a little surprise people, we can handle it. Kanye coming out to freestyle overtop Sting crooning “Sending out an S.O.S” and John Mayer’s bluesy guitar was just the type of sass this event and climate crisis needs. If we keep playing songs exactly like they were written, we lose our ability to see new ways of making them even better. (We all know songs are metaphors for everything, so use your imagination here.)

8. Madonna – Whether you love her or hate her, one thing is undeniable: she definitely has the upper hand. Be afraid, people. How the hell did she pull off Romanian Gypsies [Gogol Bordello] playing the Spanish “La Isla Bonita?” And since when did she play guitar like she was in Metallica? And for real, is she bionic? Seriously, her body is so incredibly taught, I bet she’s on some super secret British special forces gig for the Queen Mum where she can squeeze your head between her hips like a vice grip and rip the damn thing off for her trophy case. Good thing she’s on this side of the climate crisis issue.

9. This ain’t no Live Aid – 1985 was a strange year and that concert made it even stranger. Didn’t we already have that “We Are the World Song” out for six months before the concert? Who is Bob Geldof, really? Isn’t he that crazy drugged out dude from The Wall? He wants me to send him money for a country on a continent far far away for what again? Too confusing. Live Earth on the other hand, all they’re asking is I turn off the water when I brush my teeth, change a few light bulbs, recycle and think a little about what I use and what I throw away. That I can do. It’s easy, it’s practical and let’s hope, enough to make a change.

10. Al Gore  – Dude may have been badly robbed of the measly President of the United States job, but joke’s on Bush now, because Gore is officially the first President of Planet Earth. Go with it Al. We trust you. We love you. Thank you



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