Soap Opera

9 05 2007

By Jill Ettinger

Cleanliness is next to godliness, as the saying goes. That would make soap as important as the religious rites we put ourselves through. Yet on any given supermarket shelf are thousands of bars and bottles of detergent-laden products positioning themselves as soap, but are, more accurately, false idols.

Being in this natural products industry for over half of my life, there is one product ubiquitous with “natural,” one that stands for everything this industry represents at its finest: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. It’s instantly recognizable bottle, covered in text with quotes like “ALL-ONE”  and the “moral ABC’s,” is the quintessential in organic consciousness. I imagine a thousand years from now future generations will proudly tout this wisdom as prophecy. The healthy blend of jojoba, coconut and hemp oils on the inside serve for well-rounded peace of mind and body.

The Bronner family continues to stand up for truth, integrity and quality in every capacity. Proof positive that there is something truly magical in those yummy peppermint suds. Their evolution to hemp oil in 1999,  the use of organic ingredients and fair trade labor practices are unrivaled in the personal care industry, raising the bar on ethics and quality again and again.

This video above, just posted on the Bronner site, tells the eerie and comical tale of our nations drug-testing (in)abilities and exposes the truth about what is really soap and what is just foam.




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