Tangled Web

8 05 2007

Tangled Web


Photojournalist Derek Beres spent one month traveling across America with what appeared to be the most ambitious Latin music tour ever assembled in this country. Featuring Yerba Buena, Voltio, Akwid and Radio Mundial, what was to help forge a new identity in global music ended up falling victim to those ever-present constants of the music industry: greed, corruption and mismanagement. Tangled Web documents the tour day by day, including personal, behind-the-scenes gazes into life on tour, as well as an honest overview of the downfall of this tumultuous industry. By capturing this moment in sonic history, Beres recounts the story of contemporary music, as well as catching some of today’s most talented artists in action.

From the Introduction
Fresh Music. This would be the final title of a tour of artists caravaning across America in hopes of introducing audiences to the unique and innovative sounds coming from the Latin Diaspora. The idea was to create a festival in which congregations of any ethnicity could tap into a host of musical forms rooted in Latin America, the Caribbean and – as the history of music goes – the African roots of modern music. Both a philosophical and sonic foundation was created, and the end result, Musica Fresca, was set to celebrate Latin Heritage Month by touring 15 cities coast-to-coast, bringing what musical director Andres Levin called an “urban edge” to the more compartmentalized genres of Latin music. A main driving force was to showcase the universality of music using Latin artists as a springboard. It had the double nature of honing in on musicians from certain regions, while simultaneously tapping into the ears and hearts of everyone with those to listen, and those to feel. From helping pen the business plan that secured funding to writing these words after the tour has commenced, the past year of my life has been involved with Musica Fresca. While this book is a journal of one month spent on the road across America, the story is timeless. It is one we have all heard, lived and experienced in some way or another. It’s both tragedy and redemption, all the darkness of avarice and beauty of music wrapped into four dozen people trekking from Florida to California, then back to the Northeast. At root this story is about being human and all the flaws and grace that requires, the quest for community and connection that ties us together.



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