Rage Against Something Real

4 05 2007

By Derek Beres

In what is quickly being passed and posted widely, I couldn’t ignore the importance of such a shoddy piece of “journalism” as this. Discussing Zack de la Rocha’s commentary about the Bush administration during a Rage Against the Machine reunion performance, Ann Coulter was asked to throw in her two cents. (Indeed, even this was a steep price.) I’ll leave her conservativeness alone, and just ask one simple question: why was she asked to comment on this? If, as she said, she had to call her friend at MTV to find out who they were (the sarcasm was not lost, as it was never there), why would she have a thing to say in the first place?

Watching Sean Hannity repeatedly state that the band should be looked into by the CIA was too much, though. Watching this, I had to repeatedly smack my head. Between this sort of sophistic distraction and the current debates over overturning Roe vs. Wade, I am wondering why this country is becoming more fascinated with its own absurdity. While there are plenty of intelligent, forward-seeking individuals and businesses seeking to solve many of our world’s ails – global warming and nutrition, to name two – our national media and political ramblings are being thrown back three decades. That abortion is even being discussed is disheartening, and this quasi-piece of reporting above can only remind one of a throwback Red Scare.

What’s truly frightening is that when issues like global warming are touched upon, it’s seen as a “liberal” issue. There is nothing liberal about it. The smokescreen clash between politically-motivated initiatives like Intelligent Design, designing itself as a spiritual front, is strongarming its way into too many consciousnesses right now. This is not where we need to be focused. I nearly got upset at myself for watching the above nonsense for eight minutes instead of actually producing something. Because at root, this is what these public figures are doing: distracting us from serious issues at hand. It’s tragic, and unfortunately showing no sign of slowing.



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