Planting the Seeds of Green Music

28 04 2007

by Derek Beres

Walking through the dense passages of Chicago’s McCormick Center on April 21-22, tens of thousands of eager spectators were bombarded with a surround-sense experience of some of the most progressive ideas in nutrition, solar power, sustainable furnishings and clothing, and a host of fair-trade and organic philosophies inspiring what is being proudly touted as the Green Revolution. The reality is, this could very well be the first truly conscious global revolution to occur, and the Green Festival, in its first year in Chi-town, was indicative of the progressive mindset millions are adhering to.

During the two-day stretch visitors were afforded the opportunity to sample the most exquisite raw cacao, slide down tasty shakes of hemp, acai and yerba mate, walk on bamboo floors (and even wear tree-shirts), practice fire-dancing yoga and eat scrumptious vegan soul food. The fusion of forms occurring on a worldwide level is truly astounding, and for the last few years the Green Festival has been at the forefront of presenting, and preserving, organic and sustainable lifestyles. And then I walked by the music stage.

Read the full story on Conscious Choice here.



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