April Fools

1 04 2007

By Jill Ettinger

For the first time in the history of humankind we’re facing a very real global crisis. No joke. Regardless of the actual impact global warming will have, what matters most is how we unify to meet it. Imagine a giant meteor was heading straight for New York City, Tokyo or Delhi. How quickly we would leap into action to help avert disaster? But yet, while urgent messengers like Al Gore are scrambling to usher in an appropriate approach to this gloomy new world, the Bush administration’s insatiable appetite for war and money takes a besmirching jocular stance on our pending doom. It’s like a remix of the Crusades, to keep people in the dark.

Poor countries are not receiving the same pious preparation for the future as the corporate citizens claiming ownership to our planet. It’s not even close. Activists like David Suzuki and Van Jones preamble the world our children will inherit (if at all) as a future gravely imbalanced. Economic foothold will certainly guarantee race and class wars within the biggest battle of our existence.

But does this come as a surprise? The Resurrection of Christ may not be coming, but tides and tornadoes are planning an extended visit. And when cities like Sydney pipe up to the situation with a candlelight dinner, it just adds insult to injury. A global crisis must be addressed without deconsecrating the planet as a result. But the vagabonds in power continue to deceive our nation and world family with a copious dependency on natural resources and war, our god-awful national sport.

And come two weeks from today, millions of us will cower into foolish submission as we write checks to a massively fraudulent hypocrisy. Do yourself a favor and take some time off from adding up your receipts to watch this important video. Once we wake up to what’s happening in our own backyard, maybe we’ll be more capable to handle the bigger and more looming issues we all must face together.




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