Big Surprise in Antibiotics

23 03 2007

By Derek Beres

Gotta love this study reported by the Seattle Post Intelligencer on sinus issues and antibiotics.  The basic conclusion is that too many doctors prescribe antibiotics for relief of sinus issues, when the issues are more commonly provoked by a virus, instead of bacteria. In the piece, they recommend using “saline flushing” as a form of relief and upkeep. In previous times, this was known as jala neti, an old Ayurvedic technique of cleaning the nasal passages to keep the flow of prana consistent in both nadis, channels, of the body.

A lifelong sufferer of allergies and sinus issues, I began using a neti pot one year ago. In that time I have not once suffered an allergy sickness, nor do I receive the seasonal problems that plagued me for years. The simple act of flushing the nasal passages with salt water each day has been an amazing addition to the other aspects of my overall health and pranayama practice. It’s nice to see science catching up, but once again its a restating of the obvious. People that use neti pots already know the benefits, as they experience them daily. It’s like those reports we read on yoga helping calm stress and making you more flexible. Practitioners don’t need someone to tell them that’s the case. Again, common sense prevails.

For more information on neti pots, I suggest the Himalayan Institute. At first salt may seem a bit harsh (that subsides quickly), but they also offer an excellent variety of neti wash mixes that work wonders, with or without salt.




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