The HNIC Report

19 03 2007

The HNIC Report

Outside the Box Publishing co-founder Dax-Devlon Ross recently launched an interesting politically- and socially-focused blog that’s already been drawing quite a bit of attention…tune into to The HNIC Report regularly, as he focuses, among other things, on the presidential campaign of Barack Obama…and much more…

The HNIC Report is dedicated to covering the historic ā€˜08 presidential campaign in general and Senator Barack Obama in particular. We are equally intrigued by and fascinated with the rising influence of 21st African-American political, social, cultural and intellectual leaders. There is a radical transition taking place and new, young, dynamic leaders are emerging in all walks of life. They are replacing a generation of Civil Rights oriented leaders, but their ideas and aspirations are not the same. They have been reared differently and have come of age in a different America. From media mogul Jay-Z to 36 year-old D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, a range of brilliant men and women in their thirties and early forties are quickly becoming the new African-American Vanguard. In the coming years they will be moving and shaking in ways no generation of African-American leaders have ever been able to before. It is crucial that we understand this and what it means in a local, national, and global context. It is essential that we question, defend, critique, explore, understand, and share information about these young leaders, their policies, and activities. It is necessary that we offer them our attention and support, even if it means critiquing their choices. In accomplishing these admittedly lofty goals, the HNIC Report aims to offer a thoughtful, hopeful, and critical voice of indepedence that you will find nowhere else.




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