iRack & the cynic

19 03 2007

By Derek Beres

We are a cynical lot. There is a lot of merit in particular philosophy. Diogenes crafted and perfected this creative movement out of an understanding that the world was not confined by the narrow restrictions placed on society by governing bodies. Centuries later and we still stay stuck by the same social mores that plagued that totemic figure of thought. Yet cynicism is dangerous if there is no resolution, no opportunity for growth. If the cynic is jaded, and offers nothing, than the gripe is more self-serving than anything else; like James Brown said, talkin’ loud and sayin’ nothing. So when I came across this clip parodying Steve Jobs’ take on the war in iRack, I had to laugh. Sometimes there are not any solutions offered, but the humor itself carries one through…where that through is to, we do not know. It’s almost sad that this is so funny…actually, a bit more than almost…




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