Happily Ever After?

19 02 2007

By Jill Ettinger

One of the best parts of the modern world  is the abundance of accessible information.  Want to know what someone is up to, just pop over to their myspace page. Even this blog, intended for your frequent viewing, peers into both Derek’s and my own thoughts du jour. I had a hankering for old episodes of Solid Gold the other day and well, all I can say is YouTube was worth every penny Google paid for it. At the click of a mouse I can convert liters to gallons and check the latest exchange rate of dollars to Euros while listening to The Dalai Lama’s podcasts. Technology has provided us the magic, the stuff of fairy tales – like spinning flax into gold.

So though the workload on my desk is a self-generating pile of more piles, I take some time each day to stay up to (high)speed on the rest of the world, or at least, the rest of this industry.  If my life is like a fairy tale (and it is folks, trust me) the evil villain may just be Monsanto. I know there is a corrupt war-addicted government in power and atrocious factory farms torturing innocent little chickens, but come on!  Monsanto is  feeding  the chickens and our soldiers. They’re so massively into this genetic modification gene-splicing that they appear way too out of their minds for any sort of trust. It’s frightening to think that soy still bears health claims when technically, it’s a pesticide…so, if it’s not organic soy,  chances are it resembles something like the Round Up ready beans. Everything they do is so quietly understated, much like the way evil villains lurk in disguise for the first half of the story, before he takes over the place and starts a killing spree. Don’t trust it and definitely don’t eat it. Simple solution: eat more hemp.

Speaking of hemp, DuPont (who actually helped make hemp illegal back in the early days of plastic) is making an effort to eliminate perfluorooctanoic acid. Sure it’s under pressure from the EPA but still, it’s one small step for humankind, and we’ll take it. Maybe DuPont (and others) will turn out to be like that old loner that lives out past the edge of the village. Once upon a time he was tight with the King, plundering corrupt taxation until some tragic episode instilled him with a sense of decency. Now, as he can’t help but notice the increased need for a coup to bring power back to the people, he’s ready for his last battle. He knows he won’t survive, but all that’s good and decent must.

Ok, maybe it’s a bit of a stretch, but there is hope. When this type of retrofitting happens to big industry, it’s not just about profits. People do have hearts. Even if it takes FDA flag waving, there is progress, and that creates awareness. Maybe they’ll discover that they actually want more for themselves and for their children. They want to die knowing they lived for something.  They want to feel better and be healthier.  It’s true.

And just maybe with all the fair trade, organic eco-food available and make-you-feel-amazing heart-centered global music swirling through us, we’ll not only restore honesty to our kingdom, but like every great story, fall in love. Truly, madly, deeply, ride away on horses into the sunset type of love. Because once evil and corruption are defeated, well, let’s face it, there’s really not much else to do. Couldn’t be better timing of course, cuz now, the green wedding every crunchy granola loving evolution revolution overthrow the overlords mantra spewing hippy girl dreamed of has finally arrived.




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