Raw Deal, Part Three

8 02 2007

In our continuing saga of trying to find out why Organic Food Bar is labeling their new line as “RAW,” Jill sent a letter to the company:


We noticed your “RAW” bars are in fact, not raw. As the leading distributor of raw foods, we want to inform you that raw food enthusiast customers take this claim very seriously. Even if you are using some raw ingredients, making the distinction is critical, which  you do not do. I know your brand well and have always found it to  represent quality and integrity. Making this inaccurate claim is a bit  shocking. I do hope you correct your packaging. If you have any questions on what is considered raw, please feel free  to contact me directly.

Thank you

To which the response arrived:

Hello Jill,

Thank you for your message. As the top manufacturer of Organic Food Bars we take quality very seriously.

As you know we have always claimed the % RAW on our 68g. Organic Food Bars. As you are aware there are many knock off bars in the market claiming RAW and without % on the package. I know many many bars that are not even 20% RAW and claim on the wrapper RAW without %.

As you know our 50g. bars are much more RAW than our knock-off competition. Our 50g. bar is basically intended to compete and give the consumer a much better bar than the knock-offs.

You being a business woman, I am sure you do understand. If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you for your support.


Considering their new RAW bars are not fully raw, but, as the owner of the company states, “much more raw” than other companies, we are still left to wonder why they are advertising them as RAW. Using business as an excuse for false marketing techniques is not an acceptable excuse by any means. It’s unfortunate that a company that takes “quality very seriously” would partake in such an oversight. And of course, it’s even much more unfortunate for the uninformed consumer that may be pursuing a new diet to be getting a raw deal like this.




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