Raw Deal continued…

5 02 2007

By Derek Beres

Continuing from Friday’s mailer to Organic Food Bar, I received the following response to my query:

The new Raw bars do not contain 100% ingredients. They are approximately 75% raw.
OFB, Inc.

I replied asking them why they have a green stamp that says RAW on the label if it’s not 100% raw. They have not yet responded. It’s unfortunate to see a great company going this route. Of course, anyone who is completely raw will recognize that these bars, after checking the label, does not fit into their diet. Yet many people do not know what constitutes a completely raw diet, and to be told that something fits into that dynamic while it does not is unfortuante. Running through agencies like the FDA is an arduous and long process, for sure, but there are benefits of having a governing body that recognizes the importance of labeling. Considering there is so much legislation over just what “organic” is and means, I do not expect the raw food movement to be at the top of their list of priorities anytime soon. That means the responsibility is up to the consumer, both in where to support with their buying power, and to let the company know their product is not living up to the standard they proclaim. I’ve been a big fan of the excellent Lara Bars for years, and on their website they offer information about what the term raw means, and that their bar lives up to that standard. I’m hoping Organic Food Bar can follow this practice, or at least make an amendment to their current packaging to let consumers know their product is not completely raw.




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