Raw Deal

2 02 2007

By Derek Beres

I’m a big fan of the Organic Food Bar.  They have certainly created my favorite quick nutrition on the market, and when I’m in a store that is the first I look for. While a few of their products can be a bit oily, their use of almond butter, to my taste buds, is unmatched. I was happy recently to notice they are putting out a Organic Raw Bar line, and immediately grabbed a few to try out. While they too are tastey, I noticed a few suspect ingredients, like chocolate chips (made with chocolate liquor). While not an expert on the process of creating and “uncooking” raw foods, I work with enough people and have eaten enough of this cuisine to know this was a bit odd. I sent the following email to customer service at Organic this morning; we’ll see what they come back with…


I’ve enjoyed your Organic Food Bars since I’ve first started seeing them on shelves in New York. Recently I was happy to see your new Raw food line, and find these bars equally tasty. I’m not exclusively a raw food eater, though I do enjoy that form of nutrition. But reading your label, I see things like brown rice protein and chocolate chips, made with chocolate liquor, in what you are advertising as raw. How are you creating these bars in accordance to what raw food denotes while using those ingredients? Are these foods being created without cooking over 116 degrees – each ingredient as well as the overall bar? This is not so much a concern for myself, as I can taste and feel the benefits while eating them. But as someone that spends a lot of time with nutrition, I feel it would be unfortunate if people trying to undergo a completely raw diet were misled. Many thanks for your time and answer…




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