Unearthing Earth

1 02 2007

By Jill Ettinger

Though it’s often difficult to see beyond the modern world, and our dependency on industrialized foods, humans have sustained a lengthier existence as agrarians and wild-crafters than fast food junkies.

Without a second thought, millions of us place one foot in front of the other over concrete that suffocates the earth beneath, staring to vacant skies as city lights blind the stars above. Its no wonder we’ve lost touch with the true nature of the foods we consume. The provident kingdom we have removed ourselves from is viewed with limited visibility.

As our disconnect expands, diseases proliferate our cultures, advancing their own life cycles, seeking adaptation in order to survive. Scientists are constantly researching ways of combat, finding more and more that the best cures seem to be the oldest, and most unadulterated. One that comes as no surprise: our good friend tea. And of course its South American cousin, yerba mate, always an impressive resource for good health. And what goes better with tea than chocolate? Quite possibly nothing….no surprise it too is gaining significant praise as the sweetest health food. While we are clearly in the midst of an unprecedented relationship with the natural world, it continues to remind us that the simplest treasures are still the most valued.




One response

1 02 2007

Hi Jill – I entirely agree! I’ve been watching a series on BBC2 called ‘Wild Food’, which explores how our ancient ancestors found nutrition. The vast majority of the knowledge they accumulated has of course been lost. You can find lots of clips from Wild Food on the BBC website (http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbctwo/programmes/?id=wild_food).

Dan – http://inbalance.wordpress.com/

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