Munchies for the….Obese?

30 01 2007

By Derek Beres

It is an old mythological truism that the cure is in the disease, or put another way – as Michael Meade put it – our freedom is in our wounds. This is a take on the old chivalric notion of romance, that the only one that can heal the heart is the one that punctured it. This idea came to mind when reading an article on Big Pharma’s plans for future uses of cannabis.

Little beknownst to me, companies are already testing out ways to suppress hunger after people smoke marijuana – in more common parlance, get “the munchies.” It’s an interesting avenue, considering the legalized usage of marijuana, at least in America, is to promote, not suppress, hunger. Then again, we have to get into the issue of its illegalization, so we won’t touch that right now. With all the current proposals in Congress for the legalization of its medical use and the reinstitution of industrial hemp as a viable means of fabric and nutrition, we really have to wonder how much longer the staunch views of government will hold out.

Also overseas, Peter Melchett, head of the UK Soil Assocation, was quoted as saying “I am convinced that the era of industrial farming will be seen as a blip, a wrong turn,” in this article. The debate included is interesting. Concerns over Melchett’s overenthusiasm toward organics abound, as do high shelf prices. No one can deny the obvious nutritious value of organic food, but why do we have to deny entire generations and centuries as “misguided?” Evolution is never an isolated incident that we have to forget. It’s a step in a procession of events. Perhaps soil, as more and more US farmers are coming to realize, is the key to both the wound and its healing. We can’t replace damage done, but we can be more conscious of what we plant, realizing that what we put inside the earth ends up inside us at some point, until it returns to the soil once again.




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