What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

24 01 2007

By Jill Ettinger

Most folks will say they’re pretty open-minded, willing to step outside of routine to try something new (even if infrequently, and most especially, when they are sick). Nothing is worse than feeling like nothing is worse, and as winter starts to settle into seasoned bodies, health food stores see a noticeable increase in supplements and supportive functional food sales to ward off misery (often also known as February). Even the Jersey City ShopRite now has a dedicated organic produce section that actually looks somewhat fresh; signs throughout the store point to other organic offerings and a wheat-free section, which often looks like the most shopped aisle of the store, providing allergic locals respite from a gluten-filled world.

A recent trip to Las Vegas filled my eyes with glow-in-the-dark foot long frozen slushy alcoholic “drinks,” “slow cooking” a la heat lamps hovering over all-night buffets and a realization that most anything edible can fit into a deep fryer. But an early morning visit to the Whole Foods Market at the edge of town, warm cup of tea and fresh organic fruit gently reminded me to never give up hope.

The American Cancer Society just announced that cancer rates have declined in the U.S. for the second straight year.

Transfats were recently banned from NYC.  (OK, seriously, who would have thought lawmakers in New York even knew what transfats were?). Other states like California are looking into adopting this healthy choice as well, and some restaurant chains are looking at taking the initiative to make the shift nationwide.

And perhaps most noteworthy, Dannon just saw over $100 million in first year sales of their probiotic yogurt Activia. A feat less than one tenth of one percent of all new products achieve in their first year in the U.S. That is, literally, one holy cow.

Maybe someday the only place left to go to smoke, gamble and eat KFC will be Vegas.

The thing about feeling good is once it gets a hold of you, feeling bad is not  an option. Sure, things happen, some days better than others, etc. But I can’t help to wonder if it is possible though that a pop-music obsessed nation of obesity and dis-ease is finally getting sexier. Organic juicy food tastes amazing, especially when the ears are also being tickled by the latest grooves of Ex-Centric Sound System or Stephen Marley – Like the 1400 plus folks that packed NYC’s Webster Hall for GlobalFest last Sunday night, there is an explorer in each of us willing to brace the cold in eager anticipation to try something new, especially when we know it’s going to make us feel really, really good.




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8 08 2007
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