Change Quick in Coming

18 01 2007

This morning CNN ran an interview with a fundamentalist minister and a scientist that have joined forces in petitioning George Bush in immediately passing regulations regarding global warming. The minister said he has received some opposition for the move, being a proponent of creationism (while the scientist, of course, takes a more Darwinian view of things), but that it was his “biblical duty” to make sure the planet that we are living in now is taken care of. It was refreshing seeing this interview. While the journalist pushing the expectable “but doesn’t this go against creationist belief” questions was a distracting nuisance, the fact that now even the people supposedly in Bush’s corner are realizing something heavy is happening was a nice change. I couldn’t find that particular piece posted, but click here to read about the plans that the International Panel on Climate Change have for announcing key points in this ongoing debate – a debate, we hope, that will soon turn into action instead of theorizing.

One of the key points both scientist and minister were discussing was that the power of this movement will start in individual hands. And this idea made itself known thanks to initiatives by consumer groups that have pressured Starbucks into removing milk using the rBGH hormone from their coffee. Not only is the massive chain removing that milk from their 5,500 stores, but also attempting to take it out of the additional 3,000 locations that brew their coffee. That full story is here. For those that believe serious change cannot happen quickly and on a large scale, these stories help to dismiss that point.

And if you can successfully ignore the ignorance of the two broadcasters on this MSNBC video on the health benefits of hemp, their nutrition expert makes some great points to a large audience.




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